Plan of Action

Somehow I only have one week left of the Easter holidays. The last 2 weeks have flown by and these final few days off are sure to go by even quicker. On Monday I’ll be heading back to Bournemouth for the final term of the year and exams are getting closer and closer.

Yesterday the group chat with the girls from my course went mad. We found out that both our exams are on the same day(!!!!) 9:30-11:30 followed by 12-3. Half an hour break? How am I supposed to eat and mentally prepare myself for my second exam in just 30 minutes???

So yeah, life suddenly got a whole lot more stressful yesterday. Last term really was a struggle for me – for some reason it’s always second term that’s the hardest. So these 3 weeks off have been exactly what I needed and I feel so ready to tackle the final few weeks. I have a plan of action to hopefully help me through it.

Address: Bournemouth Uni Library

For me to successfully finish my final 2 assignments and also revise for both exams, I’ve decided that I will spend some time in the library every day. Yes, I’m serious.

When I work at home, I get distracted by almost everything. Firstly my desk is right by my window which looks out on to the main road and is perfect for people watching. I also suddenly become incredibly hungry and thirst almost constantly so I have to go and make some food/drink, obviously. And finally, in the privacy of my own room I can scroll through asos or catch up on the latest series I’m watching on netflix. No one’s there to judge me. I can do what I want! Which isn’t work…

I work at a Starbucks in uni which is actually pretty handy during exam season. I’ve taken loads of early morning shifts purely so that it will force me to get up and get to uni. Once I finish my shift I can just head on over to the library and work without any distractions. So yeah, until 1st June the library will be my primary location.

Healthy body and healthy mind

Last term drained me of any motivation or energy and so I stopped going to the gym. I
wanted to go, but when it came to it I just didn’t have the energy. And this really annoyed me because I have been so committed to going to the gym for the past 2 years.

Over Easter I began watching Grace Fit UK’s daily vlogs, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve developed a bit of a girl crush. Having followed so many different fitness accounts over the years, she’s a breath of fresh air. She loves food, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has the best bum ever. I’m not one to buy fitness guides because I think you can find enough exercises online without needing to pay for an e-book of them all, but I bought Grace’s last week.

Having looked through the guide and watched her bulk and then cut, I am so excited to get back into the gym. I think it had gone a bit stale for me and I just wasn’t as excited about going, as well as not having any energy. But now I feel like I have a plan and the motivation to go.

Training has always been a good outlet for me too and I think I’m going to need that for the next month or so. I’m working a lot and will obviously be revising loads too, so planning in a training session each day will be a great way to give myself a break without feeling bad. Or “accidentally” binge watching netflix…

Money money money

In August, my boyfriend and I plan to go travelling around South America. More specifically, we’ll spend a month in Peru and Bolivia, and maybe Chile.

Now for anyone that would require a lot of saving. As a student, I have the help of my student loan which will be gracing my bank account next week. Just like last term, I will pay all my rent for this term up front and set aside all the money needed for bills. This will leave me with all my “disposable” income. Having calculated my earnings from work, I should hopefully be able to survive on just that. If this all goes to plan, any of my loan left after rent and bills will be saved and set aside for South America.


Last term was an uphill struggle mentally. While I was getting really good grades, I wasn’t happy. I felt mentally and physically drained well before we broke up for the Easter holidays. Having this plan of action will hopefully help keep my stress to a minimum and keep me feeling motivated. Of course, the idea of summer being around the corner is also motivation…

P.S take a look at Grace Fit UK’s Youtube and Instagram accounts, she’s the best


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