Feminism: The Latest Trend

Fashion is turning political. February’s New York Fashion Week was full of political statements but there was one trend that trumped all the others (and yes, it was largely down to him): feminism. In Britain, tops declaring “femme forever” and “sisterhood” are appearing in stores too.

But are these shirts pushing for change or cashing in on the movement?

Georgia Luisa Meramo in her topshop t-shirt

Feminists now want to be able to do what you choose without having to explain yourself. Last year Kim K posted that nude selfie. People went mad. She collaborated with Emily Ratajkowski, posting a joint nude selfie and both wrote open letters on the matter. They discussed why they shouldn’t have to explain their choices.


When we're like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata

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But not everyone’s convinced as Anyonita, says, “I don’t think you can pander to the problem and defend your actions by shouting that feminism allows it…I take offence to their doing it in the name of feminism.” Celebrities opening up discussion is a step in the right direction though, “it’s like the old marketing slogan: no publicity is bad publicity.” But as with most things in life, there are always going to be those who disagree.

Personal trainer and blogger Lisa-Jane Holmes says, “I do think people forget that a photo posted on social media is permanent.” Through her work Holmes has noticed “a huge rise in the number of young females getting into fitness, which in turn has seen more and more scantily clad selfies being shared online.”

Women should feel empowered and proud of their bodies, but is a nude selfie on Instagram the right way to do this? “I am all for women celebrating their bodies…but to me it would be just as motivating in tight jeans and a crop top.” This is true, leggings and a sports bra would show progress too.

Feminism has moved to the forefront of today’s popular culture. Blogger ReeRee, 34, thinks this is exactly where it belongs: “If a political movement is to be successful it needs to become part of our daily attitudes and perspectives. The longer we can keep feminism in the eyes and thoughts of the masses, the more chances we have for change.”

So feminism has become The Thing to wear, and celebrities are discussing it too. Popular culture has got people talking about the movement. Keep buying those slogan t-shirts and let’s keep talking to push for change.

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  1. nina webb says:

    love this post! such an important topic. xo

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    1. Thank you, glad you liked it! xo


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