Visual Communication

In 2014 I began studying Visual Communication at Arts University Bournemouth. At secondary school and sixth form I had always studied Fine Art but I was looking for a way to get into the creative side of the media industry. Visual Communication seemed to offer the perfect path, incorporating areas of illustration, magazine layout, digital design and typography among others.

I learned a lot of new techniques and skills during my time on the course, however I didn’t find it challenging enough. I had wanted a challenge at University; to really work for my degree, and I just didn’t feel I was getting that. I also missed language, which has always been a predominant part of my studies. So after earning my Level 4 Visual Communication qualification, I decided to transfer to Bournemouth University to study Communication and Media. My current course is far more challenging and is everything I had hoped university would be. Design and art will always remain a passion of mine though, and I hope to make use of these skills in my career.

Please have a look through some of my work from my time at Arts University Bournemouth by using the navigation menu. I have chosen a selection of work which I feel shows the range of projects I completed and highlights skills I have learned.