The brief of this project was to create an integrated transportation advertising
campaign and advert teaser for Airbnb. The theme was “belonging” and I used their
#onelessstranger campaign which was introduced across their social media profiles in the first few weeks of our project.

For the advert posters I used stills from the #onelessstranger videos and developed these. First I experimented with a black/white background and quotes from the videos, before
progressing on to watercolour studies. I was trying to provoke an emotional connection through the subject matter and the tactile quality of the watercolour. I created 2 different posters in this style.


Following presentations to colleagues and tutorials, it was decided that the watercolour
images wouldn’t stand out in the underground setting. My next step was to create digital
drawings from my earlier sketches. I then used the Airbnb colour palette to create impact with the background and text.

As this project brief was by D&AD we were required to make presentation boards as the final chapter of this project, although we did not submit our ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 19.42.14Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 19.42.29

The final component of this project was the advert teaser. As the slogan “make the world a smaller place” was the common thread in my posters, I decided to carry this across to my
animated advert. Using the Airbnb Bélo as a character, I feel the brand was far more prominent in this section of my project. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I completed on the course and I do wish I had either: stuck my ground and taken the watercolour studies further, or used the character from my animation in the poster design.


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