Quakers Porridge Oats Advert

A day project which started with a product which we had to represent using visual clues; another group would then guess our product. The clues given to us by the other group led to us eventually guessing Quaker’s Oats. We then had the rest of the day to create an advertising campaign for the product.

When creating our ad campaign, we wanted to focus on the fact that it only takes 2 minutes to prepare. With this in mind, we decided to show two different mornings – one without porridge and one with – emphasising the stress-free nature of the second. Targeting students, we thought this would work well because speaking from experience, not only do students often oversleep and have stressful mornings, but we also want to spend as little time cooking as possible.

As a group we created this within 3 hours taking it from developing an idea, choosing our location, filming and editing, all within the deadline.


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